11 November 2011

DIY Holiday Yarn Wreath

I like to keep my Christmas decor pretty traditional. I decorate with lots of red, green, white and plenty of sparkle. This year I was inspired by a wreath I saw on my cousin's blog. I wanted to create some holiday cheer for our bedroom, but I wanted it to match our pink and green bedding. I decided I could make a christmas yarn wreath to match my bedding. 
$1.10 and thirty minutes later I had the perfect holiday wreath for our bedroom. The only supply I did not have on hand was the plumbing insulation foam. I was able to pick this up at my local hardware store and since it was six feet long, it was long enough to create two wreath forms. Not bad for a quick little craft project.
 Supplies: duct tape, scissors, yarn, foam plumbing insulation.
 Any of kind of yarn may be used, but I liked the large chunky kind I had on hand.

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