29 August 2013

A weekend on Orcas Island

We planned a kayaking trip with friends to Orcas Island several months ago and just recently returned from our much anticipated trip. I walked away from the weekend with a newfound love for Orcas Island.

We thought we had allowed plenty of time to catch the ferry, but ended up having to wait a little over five hours. Yes, you read correctly five hours. This was such a drag and really drove me crazy, but my always calm husband took it all in stride and once again proved to me keeping calm really makes life better. In the end, it meant we were robbed an evening of exploring on Orcas, but on the bright side we were able to watch the sunset as we docked. Looking back my advice to you is this: Don't work a half day on a Friday in the Summer and expect to catch the ferry to the San Juans. Be prepared to take the whole day off and catch the earliest ferry you can.

The sun setting aboard the ferry.
Total brilliance!

We were worried every place in town would be closed for dinner, but the Outlook Inn saved the day and we enjoyed the most delicious meal we have had in a long time. 
We spent the night at Moran State Park and basically spent less than twelve hours at our campsite. We set up the tent by head lamp and the next morning we arose early and were off to find breakfast before our kayak trip.
Unparalleled views.

Out of habit we typically camp in Anacortes and then walk on the ferry to explore San Juan Island, but after this trip I see many more trips to Orcas Island in our future. Orcas Island has a charming downtown called Eastsound. Within a couple blocks are housed adorable inns, restaurants and shops galore. We were lucky enough to be there over the weekend and stumbled upon their farmer's market and enjoyed the likes of homemade jam, honey, pesto pasta and ice cream.

Some of our favorite places to eat were:

New Leaf Cafe at the Outlook Inn
Allium Restaurant for dinner
Brown Bear Baking for breakfast
Lily for locally made Lopez Island Creamery ice cream
Low tide in Eastsound with the Outlook Inn in the background.
Admiring the view and how easy it is to get away from everyone.
Getting ready for our kayak trip. 

This was our friends first time kayaking!
A little break

Harbor seals galore!

My dear friend, Lynn and I.
Cameron and I at Mt. Constitution
The view from Mt. Constitution, the highest point on Orcas Island. 

Waiting to catch the ferry home.
End our trip just like we started it, with a brilliant sunset!

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Mara Kofoed said...

Dear Lisette!! Sending you a little love today from Brooklyn. There is a surprise on A BLOG ABOUT LOVE for you today. :) I hope you like it. Can you send me your address? Also - LOVE the adventures you guys go on. SO, SO GREAT!!! And thanks for ALL you've done to show support to us over here. It means the world. We love you and we're honored to have you read our blog. Have a wonderful weekend! Mara