30 August 2013

Going away party basket

My good friend moved away from Seattle this Summer, so I found it to be a great excuse to throw her a going away luncheon. I created these little baskets for each guest with some of my favorite edible treats that are made in Seattle.

Check out what I put inside:

Salish Lodge honey, in 2011 they installed hives which produce over 600 pounds of honey annually.
Seattle Chocolates Chocolate Bar
Honey Sticks
Half Pops
Dried Lavender from my garden
Dilletante truffles
A great little souvenir, a Seattle postcard.

1 comment:

marie.mathew said...

It was such a lovely party and an awesome gift basket! I've gobbled up most of the goodies, but the rest of it still sits on my desk as a reminder of my good friends in the Northwest and the ultimate goal of getting back to beautiful Seattle. : )