19 April 2013

Center for Wooden Boats

Recently, I spent some time at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Surprisingly, I have not visited there in over a decade. A storm was coming, the water was dark and pristine. With over one hundred historically significant boats there were endless scenes to capture.

Every Sunday they offer free boat rides and there are a variety of different types of boats you can rent on a daily basis. If you anticipate renting a ton, you can purchase an annual pass here.

Rain drops started falling and then came the hail

Great views of the Space Needle from the dock.
Sailboat cruising around Lake Union.
We took a lunch break at Chandler's.
I enjoyed checking out the names of all the boats. I think Lisette would make a lovely name for a boat. Don't you?
I cannot think of anything more romantic than being rowed around in a boat like this with a parasol and a picnic basket.
Beautiful wooden boats everywhere.
My tall handsome sidekick.

Storm coming off in the distance.

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