09 May 2011

Getting away from it all, one shade of blue at a time

When you are knee deep in the painstaking process to plan, research and figure out a trip, the burden of the overall success of the trip rests on your shoulders. When said trip turns out to be everything you expected and more, it not only reconfirms your ability to navigate the world, but refuels your desire to encourage others to get out there and explore too.

Early Thursday morning we arrived in Papeete, Tahiti. The sun was in the process of making an appearance for the day and the temperatures were still cool and comfortable.

As we waited for our ferry over to Moorea, we chatted with the kindest couple from California. I was quickly reminded of one of the top reasons I like to travel and that is for all the wonderful people we meet along our way. I had read the ferry ride was an experience to remember and although the flight to Moorea would have been quicker, the ferry was a great introduction to French Polynesia and its people. I was stunned by the beautiful shade of blue the water was, it was like a sea of sapphires.

As our boat approached Moorea, it was easy to see we were going to love this place.

The only way to truly set the stage for this magical vacation is by first giving a pictorial tour of the hotel and its surrounding property. After much deliberation we decided to stay at the Sofitel Moorea La Ora Beach Resort. The Sofitel was unknown brand to me at the time, but is French luxury hotel chain and according to locals the best hotel on Moorea. I chose this hotel because it is located on the best beach in Moorea and is the only hotel with a view of Tahiti.

The garden bungalows. The locals pronounce them bangalows.

The infinity pool.

The Pure restaurant.

One of the many docks.

The crystal clear aqua water and Tahiti as its backdrop.

The bar

Where we ate breakfast each morning.

The exceptionally maintained property.

Warm fresh water showers lined the beach.

The most people I ever saw at one time on this beach were thirty, usually I would see around five.

When I think of a vacation to truly get away, this is the kind of place I dream about.

Appropriately, I found a piece of coral in the shape of a heart. I loved Moorea.

The infamous overwater bungalows.

It felt so luxurious to have such a large bathroom with two sinks.

Our room complete with a wonderfully large enclosed deck.

The view of our resort from Toatea Overlook.

The infinity pool at dusk.

The bar and pool at dusk.

The number one thing to do in Moorea- snorkel.

Our first evening and sunset in Moorea.

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