28 August 2013

Do we live in a photo obsessed society?

If you have ever juggled multiple electronic devices or had someone take a photograph of you taking a photograph, it gives you pause to think how all this documenting can get in the way of enjoying life.  We live in a society where people take photographs of everything from eating breakfast to going to the grocery store. Between my iphone and my point and shoot I always have at least two cameras on me. When I decide to bring along my SLR the total spikes to three.

Oftentimes when we go on walks I leave my cameras at home. Inevitably we will come across a baby seal on the beach or a spectacular sunset and I regret not having a camera to capture it. How about you....

When is all this documenting too much? How do you personally find balance between taking photographs for memories and being present in the moment to make memories?

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Gwyneth Genevieve said...

I use my SLR and iphone in tandem, and I've totally noticed the struggle between staying in the moment and really experiencing things and juggling multiple devices (let alone taking pictures on them both). I haven't really found a solution, but I have found that waiting to edit/instagram/send/post phone photos until after I'm home and no longer busy helps a little!