26 June 2013

Lake Powell: Hiking to the Natural Bridge

Aside from all the PDA, we were able to enjoy another natural site on our Lake Powell tour. On the mid point of our tour we docked and were given time to hike and explore the Natural Bridges National Monument. One interesting tidbit, I believe it is one of the few national monuments you have to access by boat. If it weren't for our tour or being with someone who knows the area you might not even know it existed.

I love these shots primarily because it gives you an idea of scale. There were lots of loose rock along the trail.

Once we docked, we made certain to book it to be the first ones to the Natural Bridge. 
But then other people came and were in all of our shots. 
We enjoyed hiking along the narrow trails below the high canyon walls. This could not be more diverse than what we are used to in Washington.

Most notably we spotted a heart in the canyon wall!!

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