22 May 2013

Lake Powell and a whole lot of PDA

One of the single best parts of traveling are the wild stories you are able to reflect upon and laugh about once you are home. It was not until we found ourselves in Southern Utah that we realized thousands of Europeans make what they call a "Grand Circle" tour of the national parks in the Southwest. Most of our time was spent surrounded by retirees who drove enormous RVs and people speaking French. Apparently, there is significant advertising efforts drawing record numbers of European to otherwise remote places in the United States. As part of our tour, we decided to spend a day at Lake Powell. We wanted to be able to see the lake without needing to rent a houseboat, so we opted for a scenic boat ride around the lake. Now this was not a one hour tour, but rather a seven hour tour. We were on this boat and surrounded by the same people for quite some time.

The scenery was beautiful, and as the temperature started to rise so did the affection between the couple sitting behind us. Each row had roughly five feet of bench and we were spaced out one couple per bench. Throughout the boat ride I kept being kicked and wondered why this was occurring. After snapping this photo of I realized the women behind me was sitting on the man's lap. Although I consider Cameron and I to be more affectionate than some couples, I do not believe I have ever sat on his lap for an extended period of time in public. After a good couple hours of lap sitting we arrived at our destination and made our way up to the natural bridge. Once we had spent an hour or so there we headed back on our boat and this time sat up top in individual chairs (three to a row). Cameron and I were sitting in one row when this brunette sat down with her man in the row in front of us. Good I thought, maybe they will keep their hands to each other for a bit. Wishful thinking! The entire ride back she was hanging all over him. I about died when she decided to go up to his row and sit on his lap. The best part was watching the reaction of the two middle aged women in the row in front of us. It has been awhile since I have traveled in Europe, but I was reminded how significantly more affectionate many of them are. Then I started thinking what if we all were prolonged lap sitters? Now that would have been one interesting boat ride.


lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

i grew up going to lake powell every summer and loved it -- it's my happy place. your pictures are amazing!! makes me feel like i'm right back there. can't say i ever saw too many affectionate europeans on our houseboat though ;)

Mara Kofoed said...

STUNNING! I really, really need to go to Lake Powell. It's on my life list.

Jill said...

Wow! You captured it all right! You made me miss that place so much! Sorry about the PDA. :)