29 May 2013

Four Corners

Normally, I pride myself on taking well thought out, and researched vacations. I like to seek out great local restaurants to eat at or locally made shops to visit, but since Four Corners was on my list of places to visit and we were passing through anyways, it seemed like a shame to miss.
Reviews can oftentimes be deceiving, so sometimes you have to check out a place for yourself before you can say, "yep, everything I read was totally accurate, this place is a waste of time and money. Four Corners was like that for me. After forking over three dollars per person we could have spent a total of three minutes there. Looking at it that way, a dollar a minute seems a bit steep for this attraction. The idea that all four states meet is a neat one, but standing in the actual spot did nothing for me. If Four Corners is anywhere out of your way, I implore you to skip it. Four Corners could easily be a free destination, but it is just another way for the land owner's to make money.

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Dylan Emerson said...

I always thought that attraction was free. Granted, I never really looked much into it, so I guess I just assumed. That is a pretty steep price to pay for it. It's cool and everything, but like you said, I'll probably pass. Thanks for sharing!