05 February 2013

Determining your line

View of Pacific Ocean from Casco Viejo, Panama
Each of us as bloggers have had that moment where we must decide for ourselves the parameters for what we discuss and what we hold private. Some people remedy this situation by turning their blogs to private, as others forge deep into the depths of their souls without turning back. As I oscillate between travel log and sharing glimpses into my heart I would hope you would realize this is always a balancing act for me. I firmly believe sharing feelings is cathartic, but opening yourself up in a public format such as a blog allows for harsh criticism by others. I find value in this blog to share not only who I am, but who and what I love with others. I hope it provides an added measure of hope, beauty or entertainment to your day. I never claim my life to be perfect, but it is in the imperfections I grow, learn and become my better self.

There is no right way to blog, but I think it is a valid discussion to have nonetheless. How do you determine what you will share and what you will hold private?


jonesypie said...

Oh Lisette! I love your blog! I have known you and Cameron for so long and it is so much fun to read about all your adventures and see what you are up to! Cy and I have already gone back again and again to look at your pictures from Bali. We dream of going there some day! I do not have a blog, but I LOVE reading them and I subscribe to several. I find yours so inspiring and I look forward to checking it every morning! Much love, Jessica

Lisette said...

Hi Jessica-

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad to hear you are enjoying following along with our life.