06 February 2013

Projects, more projects and snippets of life

I am a firm believer in "real" cameras, not cell phone cameras, but what the phone lacks in capability, it makes up for in capturing quick snippets of life. 
Here is my latest quilt project, it is called a spider quilt. This is just laid out, not sewn together...a real work in progress.

Our latest hospital donation, 57 blanket and diaper sets ready to be delivered.
Love is in the air. "Will you marry me" on the gum wall. Kind of gross, but clever.
Balloon man. Some things never change, this guy is a Pike Place Market staple.
I love it when fresh flowers start making their way back into the market. Time to pick myself up a bunch or two.
Cameron's decadent birthday cake. Oh how he loves his chocolate and peanut butter.
Cameron sporting a bow tie. I like it, I think it is a keeper!

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