06 August 2012

Quintessential Summer

Seafair is synonymous with Summer time in Seattle. This year we had spectacular weather all weekend long and I was able to watch the Blue Angels twice; both times from spectacular lakeside viewpoints.
Watching the military ships come in Wednesday afternoon.

Some friends and I toured one of the ships named Bunker Hill on Friday morning. Sadly, Cameron had to work and missed out on all the fun.

After the ship tour, we headed to the shores of Lake Washington and watched the Blue Angels perform.

I never grow tired of seeing them fly in perfect formation.

Everyone looking upward.

Friday was the free day and Saturday and Sunday you have to pay $40 to sit here. Same view, same show, just different days.
The hydros are pretty cool to look at close up.
Sunday we hustled out of church and found ourselves the perfect spot on the beach to watch all the action from. The temperature soared as did the Blue Angels from a different vantage point along Lake Washington. Oh how we were wishing we were taking it all in from an inner tube on the lake.

Aside from being a bit sweaty and a tad overheated we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are always grateful for days of sunshine and time spent together.

The perfect end to a busy weekend.... an evening stroll at sunset with my parents at one of our favorite places.

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Ketsy said...

Aren't the Blue Angels amazing? Your photos are great. And that sunset looks familiar. ;)