14 March 2012

Go bold or go home

The decision to cut my hair is never something I fuss about. Once I get in my mind I want it done, it is like an itch which must be scratched. I either take matters into my own hands (quite literally by cutting it myself) or I drive to the nearest salon and have them do it. I do not have a particular stylist I prefer or a particular salon I trust. I figure they are all trained professionals and as long as I stay away from a hair cut under $20 I should be fine. Getting my hair cut is just something I feel in my gut so I go with it. I do not have patience for all hoopla associated with having to make an appointment and guesstimate my approximate hair length at said point. The hassle is just not worth it to me. Instead I enjoy the unpredictability of a new friend for an hour, a new look and more importantly feeling like a new me. In my experience men seem to prefer longer hair, but the shorter my hair is the more feminine, pretty and authentic I actually feel.

Do you act impulsively on anything people usually devote a lot of time to figuring out?


Anonymous said...

Very cute and sophisticated! I like it. I don't think I'm very impulsive on much--except writing. I just impulsively jot down my random thoughts (and that is very fun).

Tara H said...

It's very cute. I am also perplexed at why men like long hair, I feel cuter with short, short hair too. Haven't done it in a while. Way to go!