12 March 2012

Bald eagles, farmland and murmurations

It does not take much effort to escape the city for the day, there is an endless supply of weekend respites. There are mountains to climb, low lands to trudge through, beaches to comb and hillsides to frolic on. All are within an easy hour or two drive. 

The clouds lingered throughout the day, but never let loose on us. A bald eagle circled about the country road and then landed in a field to rest.
We chatted with shopkeepers about the wind of change which has swept through town. We heard stories of heartache and success. I am reminded of Cameron's kindness and how freely he gives of smiles and conversation to strangers. 

Of all the years I have visited La Conner, I never knew this point existed. It is a good reminder to look with new eyes no matter how many times you have gone somewhere.
Just as we started to head home we came across a murmuration of birds. For those of you who have never witnessed a murmuration, it is when a flock of birds start swishing and swooping together like one breathing entity. It is both odd, phenomenal and breathtaking to watch. We were able to witness several different flocks doing this for almost an hour. It is a splendid reminder there is beauty all around from muddy lowlands to high mountain tops.

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Cool pictures! Love them all.