16 March 2012

Documenting the day: a photojournalist approach

Today I thought I would take a stab at the question I receive most often which is "how do you photograph a day while still enjoying it?" There is a delicate balance between capturing and experiencing and although I try to be present, I too have been guilty of focusing on the capturing......so where do we begin. First off, limit yourself. This might mean snapping one or two pictures of lunch just as it arrives as opposed to allowing it to get cold or making others wait for the perfect shot.

This might also mean taking photographs during a walk on the beach either at the beginning or the end, but not the entire time. I have a general rule that I like to take an overall shot, several close up shots of natural subjects, a shot with people, and then an interesting angle shot. Here is how that plays out:
An overall beach shot
 A close up shot of nature
A close up shot of nature
A shot with people; always good for scale and to remember who you were with.
An interesting angle

When I am visiting a town or a city, I like to capture an overall shot of the town, several signs of either the town or shops and restaurants we enjoyed, any kind of views, and the little details which make the town special. Here is how it plays out:
 An overall town shot
 Town sign

 The view
 The view
 A memorable meal
 Restaurant's name so we can remember and go back
The details which make the town feel special

Hope this helps to turn your everyday photos into a special day.

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