21 February 2012

Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue

By nature we are prepared and organized people. We rarely leave the house without what we need plus a few extra items, but one particular weekend this was not the case. Almost up to Snoqualmie Pass we realized we had forgotten our snowshoes. Trying to figure out the best alternative to going all the way back home we stopped at REI. We already love REI, but now we love it even more for saving us that fateful forgetful day. I was able to rent a pair of snowshoes and Cameron finally broke down and purchased a much needed new pair. The entire day snowshoeing I was constantly reminded how grateful I was for my own gear, but even more grateful that when we forget REI is there to save the day.
Enjoying over a foot of fresh powder.
The snow kept dumping, swirling and falling the entire time we were there. On the way back down, we were heading straight into the wind. My face burned with each passing gust and it gave me even more respect for all those hard core mountaineers out there.
A snow covered pack.
Our snow gauge shot.

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Anonymous said...

All hail REI. I love that place too. I want to go x-country skiing now after seeing these pictures. That is some nice snow.