22 February 2012

Quirk and style

Portland is the perfect blend of hipster meets weirdo with a who cares anyways attitude on the side. It has colorful streets, colorful food and even more colorful people.

Any place with a constant line outside its front door beckons me to come in. Por que No is amongst one of our favorites. The tamales are out of sight......
 and the decor is no less inspiring.
 "Personality plus" is what I think Portland has and Seattle sometimes lacks.
Another quintessential stop of the food tour: Ruby Jewels for Honey Lavendar ice cream. We keep suggesting our own flavor creations, but have yet to convince them to give them a whirl.

The hotels in Portland rarely disappoint...well aside from that one time we stayed at a hotel for a mere 30 minutes and then found it so offensive to even sit on the bed we promptly checked out.
The Westin Portland had a great hotel lobby/lounge where we tried the most delicious key lime pie I have eaten since our trip to South Carolina.

I have plans of stringing rows of lights across our back deck for long summer nights.
If you like garlic than you will love Pizzacata Pizza. I would recommend the Puttanesca pizza while Cameron would recommend the Pepperoni.

What would be a trip to Portland without a heavy rainstorm? Unprepared having left my umbrella in the car I quickly turned my infinity scarf into a slouchy hat. I never said it looked pretty, but it did the job.
If you are looking for a weekend getaway, Portland is a great place to head.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to Portland. One of these days I'll have to figure out a way to work it into our vacations. Since I'm in Boise now, I'm not really that far away, right? I think I heard it was 10 hours away...or something like that. The tamales themselves might warrant the trip. Those looked delicious.

Lisette said...

It is definitely worth the drive if you like good food!!