20 January 2012

What has the power to shut down the city??

Well four inches of snow of course!! Blame it on the hills, the political leaders or the scared snow averse city dwellers, but four inches of snow is enough to keep most people at home glued to the television. I think the news anchors play to the fears of the public and have enough influence to talk even the most devoted employees into skipping work. I however am not married to one of those types, so while he worked I walked around the city checking out the many street closed signs, empty stalls at Pike Place Market and slushy streets. While strolling around Pike Place Market I even was approached by a man and asked if I wanted to go sledding. Random, but entertaining nonetheless.
 Visibility was poor as the snow swirled around all day long.

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If only it was December 23rd.
Usually a busy area, buses had to share the roads only with snow plows.

With steep hills all over the city, our best response to the winter weather is to close the streets down.

Beecher's tomato soup= the perfect snow day meal.

The snow kept away almost all the vendors at Pike Place Market.
Signs like this are entertaining, especially because they lend themselves to showing a society dependent on spell check.
Rachel the pig even was snowed on a tad.
Colors pop on a white background and everything is prettier with snow.

A rare sight of an empty Pike Place market in the middle of the day.
A good day for hot chocolate and warm pastries.
More road closures.

Ship yard cranes in the background.
Roads were slushy and dirty from sand, which made me glad our snow typically does not stay around too very long.

When in doubt, make a snowman and head off sledding.

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