27 January 2012

This old house

I have always been partial to clean lines, Scandinavian design and anything modern, but living in a 100 year old house has made me realize why some people think old is best. Old houses are like old friends, they carry more memories, more stories and more attention to detail than new ones.
Even the shower rod with the flaked off paint is growing on me.
Even though the more ergonomic fixtures are taking over the market, I like the feel of turning this in my hand.
At first I thought this sink was hideous, but stand at the right angle and it looks like a flower. I do love flowers.
Each door knob in the house is slightly different, this one is one of my favorites.
All these thoughtful little touches are gone with new homes.

 I love the detail on the wood floors.

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Tavia said...

I love old houses too. They have charm and personality. We almost bought an old house, but it didn't work out. Instead, I adopt old furniture.