28 January 2012

Divide and conquer

The week we were moving, I also happened to be co hosting a baby shower for my dear friend. I felt guilty I did not have more time to give for this particular event, but wanted to co host nonetheless. My friend suggested we try a divide and conquer approach to this shower. She said she would do the food, if I would do the decorations.

I hate to admit it, but I feel like I had the easy part. She made all these amazing treats and my only contribution was my handiwork. I have always done pink for girl showers, so I appreciated using colors I do not normally work with. I had fun creating these button flower napkin rings, crepe paper flowers and garland. I still feel guilty I did not do more, but then again I have a good excuse I was moving.


Jeff & Janelle said...

No need to feel bad - the shower was awesome and the decor perfect (as usual with your touch)! Thanks again! Glad to see your house is coming together - I do love the drapes you got for the office.

Lisette said...

Thanks!! It was a fun distraction from all the moving and packing.