27 August 2011


Do you ever have a little voice in your head that tells you to do something and you ignore it? Only to discover later why you wished you would have listened. The other evening we went on a walk and I decided not to grab my camera. I figured I really did not need another sunset photo and sometimes I end up carrying it for miles without even taking one photo. Oh how wrong I was!! The sunset started out regularly enough, but before I knew it the sky light up with a symphony of color. Bright swaths of red, orange and pink painted the sky and the clouds looked like they were on fire. People of all walks of life were pausing to enjoy it, taking out there phones and literally pulling off to the side of the road to capture it. For a moment it was so glorious I could hardly believe my eyes. I have witnessed many sunsets, but it is rare to see such a spectacular one. The most unfortunate part was all I had was an iphone to capture it, but I am grateful I had something.

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