26 August 2011

Rich coastline

We live on such a rich coastline. If you have not been out there to see it for yourself, you must go. You can explore tide pools for hours and see all sorts of wonderful color combinations. The detail, the texture, the color, it is a photographer's dream. Remember how I not only dropped, but stepped on my camera? Needless to say, I am very hard on cameras. After "the episode" my camera was not particularly happy with me, so at times it would refuse to open and when it did open it would grind as the lense would close. I am very happy it is still alive regardless of its finicky nature because it produced the following photos.

Each sea star has its own personality, this one almost looked like it was dancing.
Like I mentioned, the colors are brilliant.

Most notably I found a baby sea star while out exploring. I was so delighted I almost squealed. Instead I made certain that Cameron took several photos and then I put it back exactly where I found it.
It was very active and looked like it was doing the splits in this photo.

As we were hiking out we had this couple take our photo. They then proceeded to tell us how their camera "is what we call an SLR" and then continued to tell us how they wanted us to take their photo. Not only did I find this a tad amusing, but a bit nervy. Oh well, we had a good laugh after they left. Yes, we have heard of an SLR.

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