29 August 2011

Cruising on Lake Washington

Cameron and I had the fun opportunity to go out on our friend's boat this past weekend. The sky was blue, the temperature was perfect and even the water was inviting enough for a quick dip. We put in at the Kirkland Marina, meandered around Lake Washington, through the Montlake cut and eventually ended up at Lake Union. We stopped for a delicious lunch at Chandler's and then had time for a quick swim.
Me with one of my dearest friends, Lynn.
I think it is safe to say, Cameron loves Lynn just about as much as I do.
The seaplanes were taking off and landing literally right in front and to the sides of us.
Cameron and Steve with the Space Needle in the background. Those two are infamous for egging each other on.
It is impossible to be on the water on such a perfect day and not start wanting to buy a sailboat, a speedboat or a kayak.
Our expert driver, Steve.

Sunshine and being out on the water, you can tell this guy was a happy camper.
We feel blessed to have such great friends and live in such a beautiful place. Summer in Seattle is truly the best.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

such a great day. you got beautiful pics. thanks for sharing!! love to you both....