11 May 2011

Underwater in Moorea

One of the best decisions we made was to purchase a good underwater camera. We have purchased the overpriced disposable kind in the past and are always let down by the results. Taking pictures underwater is no easy task, even with the best equipment. There are so many ever changing factors like currents, light quality and very finicky subjects. Sometimes the fish were all friendly and calm and other times they were frenzied and moving around in a fury of excitement. The whole idea of trying to capture an unpredictable, moving subject was such a fun and yet challenging task.

One of the highlights of the trip and one of the more thrilling moments of my life was swimming with a school of fish, there were probably several hundred fish swimming all around and it was an amazing moment to swim along right beside them.

The colors and details of each individual fish along with the coral was enough to keep me busy all the day long.

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