10 May 2011

Moorea: a small island with a big heart

Day breaks at Matira Beach.

Tahiti in the morning light.

A vacant beach, a beautiful sunrise, equals a winning combination.

Ready to start the day with my overly large sunglasses and a flower in my hair. Each morning at breakfast they give both the men and women flowers to put behind their ears. A flower on the left side means you are married and the right means you are single.

I made sure to get a good pedicure before I left and I was happy to look down and see it the whole trip long.

The quintessential overwater bungalow, the exact type of photo which made us decide to come here.

This beautiful flower blooms just once for the day yellow and then starts to change color to a red orange and then falls off at night.

This is the bougainville which grows everywhere and was named after the explorer, Louis Antoine de Bougainville who claimed the islands for France.

Everywhere you turned there were was an abundance of eye popping tropical flowers.

Sunset on Moorea.

The most touristy thing we did while on Moorea was visit the Tiki Village. Here we learned about how the people used to live, ate a traditional feast and then watched a mesmerizing performance.

The fire dancers were exceptional.

And better yet, they made for some fun photographs.

Moorea might be a small island, but they have it all from talent, to beauty and entertainment. A fun little fact, Moorea means yellow lizard. They have a large population of them, which visited our bungalow and various illuminated way finding signs while were there.


Description said...

AMAZING!!!!!!! What a fun trip, I am loving looking at all your photos.

JunebugJones said...

Wow, your photos are divine! I love the fire dancing shots and the vivid pink flowers. I'm curious about the type of camera you mainly use, if you wouldn't mind sharing.