12 May 2011

Changing light

Room service was the same price as eating at the hotel restaurant, so we opted for lunch on our deck.

I really appreciated how presentation was everything in French Polynesia. Just like the French, they believe in living well everyday.

An afternoon shower made for dew covered banana leaves.

I love to kayak at home, but somehow we usually forgo it on vacation. This time we were able to squeeze in lots of on the water time.

With water so clear, we were able to paddle and view all the coral and fish below.

Just like the disposable kind, you never know what kind of photos you will get when underwater.

After a long day in the sun, we made our way down the beach just in time for dusk.

French Polynesia is the only place I have ever been where the water is warm enough for S.U.P to even look like fun.

Sofitel Moorea's deck, where we spent many an hour sitting and talking.

Usually, the vibrant water would take center stage.

Sometimes the water would match the sky.

Other times the sky would outshine the water.

And when all light was gone from the sky, the stars came out to play and we dined at sand floor restaurants.

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