25 August 2010


When I was young I held the title of best friend near and dear to my heart. I wanted to be the ST END of someone's BE FRI necklace. I sought to cultivate strong bonds of friendship at an early age and could present you with a list of all my former "best friends". Long gone are the days I am concerned with such matters, but rather prefer to have a web of friendships. I have friends whom I am close to because we shared common experiences, friends to share life's current experiences and friends who will forever be in a different place than I. I have friends to call when I want to chat, shop, be inspired, be adventurous or want to feel loved. Now many of these friendships stretch across categories, know no category or are in a category all themselves. One particular friend of mine is my hiking buddy. I am grateful for her because not very many ladies like to huff and puff and sweat with me, but this one does and for that I am glad. We were able to witness this marvelous dew covered spider's web while hiking last week, which reminded me how good it feels to have a web of friends instead of just one best friend.

The misty morning brought out a slew of slugs.

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Ketsy said...

Makes me grateful for friends of al types and also makes me wish for another heart pounder/breath-taking hike!