24 August 2010

Scenes from the weekend.....

After a few days of being apart, we reconvened to shamelessly eat our way through the weekend. Just when I thought I had tried all kinds of uses for rosemary, we were presented with rosemary lemonade. We also partook in the tail end of the week long celebration of Tutta Bella free pizza.

Most notably, our dear friend's son returned home from his mission in Paris, France and New York. Only to find that none of us have changed and that we all like to eat as much as we like to talk. We are happy he is back home safe and sound and excited for what the future will bring for him.

The proud Mom with her return missionary.

The spread and the cute napkins to represent the two missions.

I take no credit for making these delicious desserts, other than I am certain I gained a pound or two because of them.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

finally getting caught up on my favorite blogs. Thanks so for the shout out. Love the shot of Brian and I. Turned it into my desktop. And you should totally take credit for the awesome napkins!