29 June 2010

Food, fun and friends

Last night was our attempt to herald in Summer with a rooftop soiree. This year Summer seems to need a little coaxing out. The clouds rolled in and out throughout the day, but when it really counted the rain stayed away. Thanks to all who came and spent the evening with us. We are truly blessed to know such great people.

In the great debate between cup vs. cone, the cones won out.

If we had a son we could only hope he would be this cute and charming. His eyelashes and smile are to die for.

I think some of the littlest guests consumed the most sugar and then we happily sent them home with their parents.

We wanted to ensure there was no short supply of toppings.

And what says Summer more than lemonade.


Laursen Family said...

Thank you again for having us over! Enjoyed the ice cream parlor and taking in the wonderful view from your rooftop... it was great! I like that pic of the both of you w/ West!

Eileen said...

Lisette, Thanks for having us over for such a fun party. I'm sorry that we couldn't make it on time to enjoy the full night. All of your decorative details are to die for! Your pictures capture them perfectly. What will you think of next???