28 June 2010

Weekend Respite

Hiking up dry river beds, forging across streams and tromping through snow comprised a good portion of our hike up to Rachel Lake. As of late, we are making a concerted effort to go hiking at places we have never been before. The only bad part about this hike was we were in the shade almost the whole time, which did nothing to enhance our skin tone.

Alta Mountain in the distance.

I am sure none of you notice how thick my legs look in this picture, but for those of you that did I have an explanation: I was wearing extra thick hiking socks, but I decided to roll them down once I converted my pants to capris. This results in chunky looking legs, nice huh?

There is a certain level of trial and error when taking your own picture. Setting the timer and running to get in the photo can be a tad tricky; here I was slipping backward mid photo.

There is always that nice person along the trail who offers to take your picture, I love those people they deserve an award.

Our destination: Rachel Lake

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