10 June 2010

Don't be chicken, give this a try

Like many of you I go in phases where I am either super productive in the kitchen or I am not, there seems to be room for little middle ground here. Feeling like it had been too long since I tried a new recipe I turned to my newest cookbook for some inspiration. Sometimes trying a new recipe seems daunting because you hardly want to risk the time and energy of grocery shopping, prep and assembly for something not to turn out or even worse be bland. I decided to make the Grilled Greek Chicken Kebabs with Mint-Feta Sauce. I had my doubts about this sauce because mint is not my favorite fresh herb, but I trusted the recipe (well decreased the amount of mint by a tad) and it ended up being the star of the show. I love greek food and the combination of the red wine vinegar and oregano marinate was extremely aromatic. Next time I would pair it with fresh pita bread to lap up any remaining sauce, but this time my finger worked quite nicely.

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