09 June 2010

A shoulder to cry........I mean crap on

Have you ever had one of those days where the whole universe seems like it is ganging up on you? Everyone you encounter is either rude, mean or bitter and you cannot seem to catch a break. You missed your bus by a minute and having chosen to wear four inch platforms shoes (only because they match of course) you cannot out run it to the next stop. The weather makes your hair go flat and you spill your lunch on the front of your shirt.

Well, I was having none such a day, but standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change a bird pooped directly in front of me. It barely grazed my elbow accept for a little white stuff. How lucky I was......or so I thought. After finishing up my errands for the day, I made my way home. Once inside I strode past the full length mirror; now what was that in the corner of my eye? A foreign object sitting on my left shoulder. How foolish I had been, I was not spared at all, but only had experienced the rickashay of the remnants off my shoulder. I am happy to report yes, I did all my errands with bird crap on my shoulder. The rude women I dislike dealing with at a particular store I despise all the greater now. What a funny store they will be able to tell of the shopper with the bird poop on her shoulder who they did not have the courtesy to tell. I guess I cannot blame them, I mean what do you say anyway.....

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Queen of Kings said...

ohhh sad! a little bit funny and a little bit sad! Too bad the bird didn't crap on the cashier helping you.. her turn will come.