12 March 2010

Stuck in a rut?

As humans we tend to be creatures of habit, eating day in and day out the food which pleases our palette. For several years now I have eaten Special K Vanilla Almonds and have loved every minute of it. I would scoop up ridiculous amounts of boxes each time I went to Target as if I had heard they are all the sudden stopping production of it. One day I decided to mix things up, and I am not talking Multi Grain Cheerios here, but I decided to try Special K Low Fat Granola. In the past, I have never liked granola, especially because they typically have raisins in them, but this one did not.

I am happy to report that my love affair with Special K Low Fat Granola has been going strong for a good couple months now. I love the versatility of adding blueberries, strawberries, and nectarines to it, enjoying it with fat free milk or my second new favorite thing Activia Vanilla yogurt. Now do not be deceived by the commercials, you do not have to digestive problems to eat this.......it is perfectly delectable in its own right. On a side note: I had a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almonds the other day and its magic has truly worn off.

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