12 March 2010

Stylish shopper

There is nothing that gets my goat more than when a clerk assumes I want a plastic bag, I hate it and they usually seem perturbed when I ask for paper. That being said, I have long found a solution to all my troubles.

My mother gave this handy dandy tote several years ago and I use it almost daily. I even take it with me to Target so that I do not have to touch those disgusting shopping carts or baskets. I love how the handle is soft and squishy, how it is so compact in addition to being ever so stylish. Almost every time I am out I receive compliments on it.

On the downside, sometimes I feel a bit silly walking down the street with my bright red baskets (they do offer a wide array of colors) or on the upside I can only buy what I can carry, so for the first time in my life I think about the weight of the items I purchase. Once you purchase this beauty you will never look back and you will feel sorry for those who have to deal with hand sanitizing their shopping baskets before they go shopping.


Kiwi said...

I have one of these and I LOVE it! I loved bringing it to the farmer's market during the summer

Britty said...

I've had one in khaki for a few years. It's good for a Sunday bag, too!