08 December 2008

You can do it, we can help

  1. Our trek for the perfect Christmas tree went something like this. Oddly enough, our traditions are not about hiking through seas of trees to chop down the perfect one, but in the excitement of being able to walk our tree home. If I had it my way I would live somewhere I could walk everywhere I needed to go, there is just a certain amount of freedom that comes from not needing a car. Anyways, I do digress….. we donned our fleeces, walked the two blocks to our local Home Depot and within five minutes we found it. They cut off the bottom, wrapped it up in one large plastic hairnet and we took it home. We also snagged a Christmas cactus and some pink poinsettias because apparently people have something against these beauties, so there was a surplus for us. If everything could be so simple, I think people would be more festive.

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CJ said...

I am glad you got a tree and kept the tradition alive!