08 December 2008


Aside from the fact that it has become our "go to" hiking spot when we are either in a hurry or want to squeeze in a hike late in the day Rattlesnake Ridge is usually quite kind to us by keeping other people away from "our spot". We have only ever taken two people to this spot because do we do not want everyone and their brother in our way for our photo op? I also think that the point of hiking is to get away from the crowds and not to congregate high atop a mountain. So this weekend were we surprised to see two little lovebirds packed into one sleeping bag in OUR SPOT!!!! How rude and what an unpleasant surprise. Cameron made sure to include them in our photo. We hope to not run into such a travesty again or else we might have to rethink its title as our "go to" spot.


Britty said...

Love that photo - that is pretty funny. They look snuggly!

Erin said...

My co-worker Maria and I have just agreed that you are the cutest ever.

The end.

PS, we can see those dirty intruders in the background. WRONG.

Lisette and Cameron said...

I keep telling Cameron I should come work with him because his coworkers like me more than my own. You guys would appreciate the poinsettia in my hair today.