04 December 2008

Cookie of the Month club

Due to the pure enjoyment I get out of baking and the satisfaction I receive when someone likes my creations, I have decided to start a cookie of the month club.

Subscriptions will be as follows:

$150 for 1 year
$120 for 9 mos.
$85 for 6 mos.
$55 for 3 mos.

You will receive 2 dozen cookies each month in a beautiful container that you can either hoard or share with the ones you love.

To tantalize your taste buds some of the cookies featured will be old standbys and new favorites.


Erin said...


do seattle times employees get a friends and family discount?

Lisette and Cameron said...

I think that can be arranged....10% off, plus hand delivery so your cookies will not get jostled.