10 October 2008

A dreamy place, a constant reminder

Backpacking through Europe in college going to Cinque Terre was not an option it was a necessity. Once there we hiked through the precariously perched cliffside towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore and Manarola on a remote stretch of the Riviera coastline. The views were breathtaking, it was hot, we were sweaty it was as if we had just stepped into a postcard. As we walked through the winding streets of Monterosso we happened upon this purse boutique, a purse boutique in virtually the middle of nowhere, this is something out of fairytale. Normally, I feel I am a fairly decisive person, but put in a situation where I have to decide which purse or wallet must come home with me from a store I might never return to I start to second guess myself. I finally made my selection and then had the pleasure to tote that thing around with me for the next three weeks. Oftentimes, wanting to curse this additional baggage I became attached to it as if it was a medal of honor from a war I had been a part of. I loved it and I loved it so much I took it through Vienna, the Swiss Alps, German castles and finally Paris where I flew home with it. My love for accessories shown through even on a trip where I saw a lot of wonderous sites and sounds. This purse however will most likely be my most prized souvenir to date. I like to make a habit of picking up a piece of jewelry while I am on vacation because it is a great reminder of where I have been and the fun that I had there. This ring is from our most recent trip to Sedona, it is the epitome of Arizona brightly colored with the look of a cactus.

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