11 September 2013

Waterton Lakes National Park

Cameron and I ventured for the first time into the Canadian side of Glacier, Waterton Lakes National Park. Since we were camping on the eastern side of Glacier, Canada was a mere hour from our campsite. Once we entered Alberta, we were smitten with the little bit we saw and have big plans for future trips to this region. Upon entering Waterton we witnessed what I would call reflection perfection! After a quick visit to Prince of Wales hotel, we boarded a boat and started on our hike up to Crypt Lake.

Once at the lake I had fun capturing sun spots galore. 
The pristine water of Crypt Lake
The perfect lunch spot!
Hiking around Crypt Lake after lunch.

Views on our hike down.

This was a first hike where we were in and out of two countries while walking around the same lake.
View of Waterton Lake
Riding the boat across Waterton Lake.
Prince of Wales Hotel 

Peace! Says my travel companion extraordinaire

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Melinda DiOrio said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Wow, what a beautiful place!