14 August 2013

The power of womanhood

There is no greater way to get outside yourself and devoid of worries than be serving others. A couple weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege to spend my time working with the youth and these fine women of our church at Fort Flagler. Each one of these women is an example to me for a variety of reasons. One tirelessly mothers six children, one effortlessly goes back and forth between multiple languages, one took to the dance floor with reckless abandonment and all of them demonstrate amazing inner strength, perseverance and love for others.

The barracks where the youth stayed.
The best part of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are the associations I have made with women who challenge and encourage me to become better.

What have been the most helpful ways for you to build lasting friendships with other women?

The beach at Fort Flagler
Taking a break on the beach after everyone else left.

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