15 August 2013

A day in Seattle and where to find me today on the web

Today I will be guest posting over at Melinda's Musings about my favorite way to spend a Summer day in Seattle.

And the for the fun of it, here are just a few reasons why I think Seattle is so great:

1. We have access to some of the freshest seafood in the United States both in our own shores and from Alaska.

2. You can leave the city, drive up into the mountains and be surrounded by trees in a mere 30-40 minutes.

3. Water, water everywhere. If you enjoy sailing, kayaking, SUPing, canoeing, or boating there are endless waterways to explore and sights to take in.

4. How many other places can you take a water taxi, or kayak into the city?

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Melinda DiOrio said...

It was great having you on Melinda's Musings today Lisette!