05 August 2013

Ladies who brunch

Several weeks ago my older sister was in town, so my Mom, sister and I spent the day together. The sun was shining and the temperature was rising quicker than usual for Seattle. It is sad to say, but I cannot remember the last time we spent time together just the three of us, it was a rare treat. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Portage Bay followed by a walk through Pike Place Market. 
On this particular day, I had my first taste of gluten free french toast and learned the wonders of the topping bar at Portage Bay. My sister and I could not get enough of all those fresh berries or whipped cream. As we piled on the toppings I was reminded of the power of sisterhood. Although I am not the best sister, I have seen firsthand how powerful it is when women support other women. I hope to become a better sister and friend to the important women in my life.

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