07 May 2013

The difference between the sexes

For a couple years now I have been eyeing adirondack chairs. I love the shape, the bright colors and the general happiness I feel when I look upon one. Last week, I made the executive decision to purchase a couple and bring them home. I thought this was a brilliant decision until I stood maneuvering them back and forth in the parking lot trying to make them fit in our car. Oh, how I could have used a second set of hands. Upon placing them onto our deck and adding throw pillows I declared to myself how our deck looked a million times more inviting and happy. A couple days later Cameron and I were sitting on them and I turned to him and said, "Haven't these chairs changed your life?" Without hesitation he pronounced. "No, not really"

Oh, how I love living with a man who views the world so differently than myself. While I relish in the fact I no longer get slivers in my butt from sitting on the deck or delighting in the fact I have a pop of color to look out from the window, he looks at those same chairs and thinks they are just fine, but life before them was equally fine.

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