07 May 2013

Mariner's Game: King's Court

When I think of spring time, it makes me think of the start of baseball season. Unlike many sports, baseball season lasts a good long time. It is fun to attend a Mariner's game when they are playing well and the weather is nice, but sometimes you just have to layer up and venture out anyway. When Felix Hernandez pitches they have a special cheering section you can purchase tickets for to a be a part of. It is called the King's Court. For $30 you will receive a t-shirt, a pretty good seat and a cheer card. A couple weeks ago our friend Tana, Cameron and I headed out to a game. As usual when the three of us get together, a good time was had by all.

(Note: In case you think we have put on some extra pounds, I believe we each had about four layers on underneath our attractive one size fits all t-shirts.)

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