09 April 2013

Urban adventure: Walking across I-90 bridge

If you live around here I am certain you have driven across the I-90 bridge, but chances are you have probably never walked across. One sunny day Cameron and I decided to remedy this and we set out to walk across it. As we set out on our journey we quickly realized three things: it takes much longer to walk across it than drive. (duh, right?) the pathway is particularly littered with impatient cyclists who despise walkers and it is pretty darn noisy. I cannot say this is something we are going to repeatedly do, but now when I drive across it in mere minutes I can be grateful I do not have to walk across it every time I want to cross and if needs be there is a safe walkable path.

I love how this man is happy and up for anything. Walk across a bridge, sure thing!
There are lots of beautiful views all along the way and if you are patient you might even have a nature sighting or two.

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1 comment:

Adina Marguerite Pease said...

How neat! I had no idea you could walk/bike across!