01 April 2013

Day trip: LaConner, Daffodil Edition

I know some people's idea of a lazy Saturday is staying in their pajamas, lounging around the house or not doing much of anything. However, my idea of a lazy Saturday is driving no more than two hours or hiking less than eight miles. I find my rest and replenishment amongst earth's beauty and spending the day with the one I love. Several weeks ago, amidst sporadic rainstorms and ominous skies we made the drive up to LaConner. We had not been up there in awhile and knew the fields of yellow (the daffodils are in bloom before the tulips) were certain to make our day. We had a lazy day of daffodil peeking, witnessing a murmuration of birds, eating delicious pizza and being constantly reminded of how great our life is.

If you have never witnessed the majesty of a murmuration, envision thousands of birds swooping in rhythm upward and then downward, putting you into almost a hypnotic trance. Nature has no competition, absolutely none in my book.

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1 comment:

Rachel O. said...

Oh that scenery and those birds! So beautiful!! I never feel more at home than I do when I'm out in nature. Although for me, nature right now is walking out in a 100+ degree desert, but I'm learning to appreciate it's beauty :) ps: absolutely love your style