19 February 2013

Taxis, drizzle and snow

Day two we were greeted with rain, which was most helpful in eliminating all the leftover snow. Cameron worked during the day, while I roamed around the city snapping photographs and feeling happy to be there again. It had been ten years since I last visited NYC, so it was high time to come back for another visit. After work, Cameron and I met up for a delicious dinner at The Meatball Shop and an evening stroll through Times Square.
You can purchase a week long unlimited Metrocard for $29, it saves your legs and at $2.50 per ride it easily pays for itself in no time.
M&M World and the Hershey store in Times Square.

New York City's finest keeping an eye on everything going on; even picture taking.

The Garment District: note the enormous button and needle.
Central Park lined with carriages.
Central Park, a little bleak in the Winter, but still pretty.
The Plaza hotel in the background.

Picturesque neighborhoods abound.

Empire State Building
Porchetta sandwich from Eataly.

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