19 February 2013

Day One: NYC

After the 9/11 memorial, we enjoyed a delicious brunch at Sarabeth's and then winded our way down Battery Park to go on a cruise around the Statue of Liberty and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We enjoyed the sunset on the bay as we headed toward Grimaldi's for pizza. Once there we lucked out with no lines and for once we happened to have cash on hand. Such a relief since we had walked all that way!

French toast is always my brunch of choice.

The Freedom Tower under construction. When it is finished it while be 1,776 feet tall.
I always got excited when I spotted the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building. They are both so iconic!
The Freedom Tower might not look that tall, but it will be the tallest building in North America.
Our flight was canceled due to Storm Nemo, but we were able to catch a flight the very next day after NYC had received one foot of snow. We were able to enjoy the beauty without all the hassle.

Hurricane Sandy has left the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island closed. The walkways and docks were destroyed in the storm.

The Brooklyn Bridge also seemed to be under repair while we were there. It is such a beautiful bridge to walk across.


I never tired of seeing Lady Liberty in the distance.

I remember seeing this photo after Hurricane Sandy. Such a miracle it was safe.

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