08 February 2013

Day trip: Dungeness Spit

A couple of years ago I was attending a women's dinner group when the topic of Valentine's Day came up. Several women expressed their disappointment with how their spouse handled the holiday in general and I was a bit taken back. Long gone should be the days of unverbalized expectations. If you would like to receive flowers casually mention it, but if you really want to go out to dinner- make reservations. Better than hints is taking the initiative to plan something for your loved one instead. Last year, Cameron was able to take the day off from work and we spent our Valentine's day amongst the wind and rain along the Dungeness Spit. There were no elaborate plans, just simply spending the day together as a couple.


Cameron and Lisette said...

And this year you get to see David Letterman! Super Romantic!

Lisette said...

What is more romantic than Valentine's Day in NYC?