04 January 2013

Delivery day

After several months of prep, planning, hard work and contemplation we made the trek back to the hospital for our donation day. It was both a difficult and rewarding day being back in the Labor and Delivery unit. I felt both nervous and excited to be on that floor. The memories of my own delivery day flashed back along with an overwhelming sense of pride of how far we have come in the past couple of months. We were pleasantly surprised to spend a few moments with one of our favorite nurses as she delightfully perused all of our donations. The most tender moment was when she said to us, "I think about you guys all the time, you are written on my heart". As we got in the elevator to head down to our car, the tears started to flow. No matter how brief our son's life was, he too is forever written on our hearts. Making this delivery was such a powerful way to bring the year to a close.


Tara H said...

What a sweet and tender experience that must have been, thank you for sharing.

Eileen said...

You are so strong to take on this project and make a positive impact for families, all while your own emotions are swirling through you. That's great that you got to connect with your nurse too.

Lisette said...

Thank you. Keeping busy working on something positive has been vital to my survival.